Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Greet?

Our two- up to four-hour walks are based on our interests and those of our guests. We Greeters volunteer and get in touch with inquiries that we feel like. We meet our guests at eye level and are also interested in their background. This is how guests can become friends.

Attention: A greet is not a city tour! A greet cannot be “booked”!

How much does a Greet cost?

A greet is always free. We enjoy getting to know you and showing you our city.

How to request a Greet?

Use our request form to ask for a greet.

Sobald wir einen passenden Greeter gefunden haben, schicken wir dir die Kontaktdaten zu. Ab jetzt habt Ihr, du und dein Greeter, alle Details zu Eurem Spaziergang gemeinsam in der Hand. Wenn sich kein Greeter meldet, müssen wir dir leider eine Absage schicken. Das kommt aber nur sehr selten vor

How do guest and greeter get together?

As soon as we have found a suitable greeter, the guest will receive all the necessary information (name, telephone, email) to arrange the meeting in detail. A copy goes to the greeter. From this moment on, guest and greeter organize their meeting independently. If a meeting (greet) has to be canceled by the greeter at short notice (e.g. due to illness), the organization team will endeavor to find a replacement at short notice.

How many people are in a group?

The maximum group size is 6 people, because the greeters want to look after their guests individually and explore the city like with friends. The guests always know each other, because we never combine greet requests – not even in the case of bottlenecks. On the other hand, we don’t split groups either: so we won’t spread a company outing over several greeters, but refer to the professional city guides.

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